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About 70% of Indian population is rural and one of the major portion of their economy is supported by agriculture and cottage industry which thrives to compete with bigger organized players in the market. It is only because of their indigenous goods and impression of Indian culture that makes them unique that they have a huge demand in the urban markets.

Cottage industries are usually Small Scale Industries (SSI) and small business carried on at home involving less number of people who may or may not be members of one family and sometimes such production of goods involves the traditional artisans and craftsmen who have inherited the work as an art form from their ancestors. Their various good produced include dress fabrics, such as wool, khadi, muslin, leather, silk, cotton etc., and many precious items such as jewellery, ornaments, statues, idols, gems, stones, etc and also edible items such as spices, pickles, oils, honey, dehydrated fruits etc. Such products are in high demand not only in urban India but also in foreign markets.

Cottage industry have proved to be well for those who were self-employed or unemployed by providing them with the means to earn their livelihood. Government of India has launched several schemes for providing training and financial assistance to promote this sector in rural India. Under the Government’s Tenth Five-Year Plan, the areas identified for the development of rural SSIs are Leather and Leather Products, Textiles and Readymade Garments, Gems and Jewellery, Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Bio Technology, Food Processing, Coir Etc. The Cottage Industry is generally un-organized, even though the demand for products made in this industry is high it suffers from lack of distribution and end user reach. Moreover most artisans and producers are not aware of the Government Schemes and Financial Assistance available for promotion of cottage industry as a result of which this industry is not growing.

We not only attempt to keep this art alive but also make available 1000 of such products to the e-commerce consumer in urban India.


To be the most Successful Brand in connecting rural business owners and farmers with urban consumers through digital media and e-Commerce.


To connect suppliers, vendors and customers under one roof in the agro economy, and thus strengthen agriculture supply chain